We have never been at a point in history where our narratives as women, as mothers, have been so powerful.

Our wisdom now spreads like wildfire in the form of posts, reels, DMs, tweets - reaching the hearts of women halfway across the world who are yearning to feel lifted, understood, loved, heard, and seen.

Yet, when it comes to how we feel about our experiences of childbirth, our stories are often reduced to unemotional headlines detailing what we think others want to hear. We worry that we will scare other mothers-to-be, we don't want to seem ungrateful for the arrival of our children, we are reluctant to be reminded of the pain we endured.

Here's the truth... our bodies remember. Our hearts remember. We remember.

And when a kindred soul comes along and listens with an open heart, we feel the depth of our inner heartache because we know that we were deserving of better.

Making Mothers is a sanctuary intended for those of us who felt the lack of support or experienced trauma in childbirth.

It is a safe space for us to process and navigate our full spectrum of emotions. It is a place for us to co-create a powerful community to hold space for the nuanced and complex stories. It is for us to remember our worthiness to take up space, to use our voice, to heal and return to feelings of belonging.

Together, we reclaim the power over our narratives and transform our experiences into wisdom.

  • "I just had a chance to flip through, it's really stunning. Deep, poignant. I will be using it in my postpartum work, that I know 100%. Borrowing from your prompts and spreading it to whoever is interested. Your approach is very heart centered and I can feel that through the journal."

    - Sarah (@your.postpartum.doula)

  • "This is so beautifully designed but also prompts such potent reflection. There are also meditative prompts so it is a full experience journal. A beautiful gift for yourself or mama-to-be."

    - Natasha (@ofbirthandmother)

  • "A powerful tool for us mothers to reconnect with our birth stories. The excitement, the joy, the pain, the frustration... a safe space for us to integrate what we have been through and get in contact with the power that a birth experience gave us."

    - Cibele (@maternavita)

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